Ketamine is delivered in a variety of manners, and is typically used to treat chronic neuropathic pain disorders in patients who have not responded to other forms of pain management. Ketamine has been reported to be safe and efficacious for the management of refractory complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS). This therapeutic intervention can be especially helpful in the setting of neuropathic pain related to CRPS resistant to other treatments.

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, our goal at Pacific Pain Medicine Consultants is to provide patient’s with quality pain management treatment while still optimizing the health and safety of our patients, providers, and staff.

We are providing telemedicine visits for new and established patients. Patients with severe pain that warrant more urgent treatment with injections will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We will need to evaluate the patient’s age, medical comorbidities, and risk factors as well as potential symptoms of respiratory infection in making a determination. Elective pain procedures and injections are deferred at this time in order to minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus and to ration personal protect equipment so it may be available where it is most critically needed.