Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS)

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) is implantable technology for the treatment of chronic, intractable pain. It works by delivering electrical impulses, and provides relief by altering the pain signals before they reach the brain. Instead of feeling the pain, you feel a tingling sensation. You are able to adjust the strength and area of stimulation using a remote control. When SCS is successful, it should provide significant long term relief, reduce the need for pain medications, and improve function. To determine if the patient is a good candidate for SCS therapy and permanent implantation, a SCS trial will be performed first. The trial is temporary lasting up to a week, where the patient will learn and decide if this is the right treatment for them.

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are deeply concerned and have taken action, for the safety of our patients, providers, and staff. Our goal at Pacific Pain Medicine Consultants is to provide patients with the highest quality pain management treatment while still optimizing their health and safety.

We are operational and able to meet the needs of patients, including telemedicine visits for new and established patients. We are also providing interventional pain procedures through partnerships with local facilities. Care is always provided according to strict safety protocols consistent with state and local guidelines. We are ready to help you reduce your pain in a safe and compassionate environment.