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I sprained my ankle pretty badly about two years ago and suffered from excruciating pain from it for half a year before finding Mike Davis. My ankle showed virtually no outward signs of damage, yet untreated, the pain was so intense I was constantly considering nabbing a bone saw and cutting the darn thing off. No doctors could figure out why it wasn't healing or how I could be in so much pain from something that wasn't swollen, discolored, or disfigured.

My GP referred me to Pacific Pain Medicine. One of the best decisions made in the hell I've gone through over this foot, really. I have a family history of addiction and I come with the horrible implications that I could be a drug seeker (due to my GP giving me Vicodin for the pain which I'd promptly build up resistances to and go through my month's worth within a week because honestly, I was in THAT MUCH PAIN). Even with all that against me, he believed me when I explained my issues with the Vicodin tolerance and how I was willing to dump the narcotics if it'd just mean getting relief. He believed I did indeed have something wrong with my foot and showed concern for me when I told him how (at that point) 7 doctors couldn't figure out what the real problem was. This was HUGE for me, especially after I'd gone to the ER (Palomar Medical Center) for the pain one night and essentially been shoo'd away with nothing but shame and a pamphlet about Narcotics Anonymous.

This must be noted: He took personal time to look into my symptoms and was the first to slap a name on what I might be suffering from. Months later, other doctors diagnosed me with exactly what he'd predicted: Sinus Tarsi Syndrome. The fact that he took the time to do that for me--put a name on a source of agony no other doctor wanted to acknowledge--still means the world to me. It meant I wasn't being a wuss or it wasn't "all in my head." It had a name, and with a name came reasons for pain. With reasons for pain come good solutions.

So I've been on Tramadol ever since. I don't build up resistances to it like I do with real narcotics, it handles the pain when absolutely nothing else does, and it's... just been my saving grace for the past year+. The pain is so bad without it, I just feel like I'm in eternal debt to this drug and the doctor who helped me find it.

My foot is still undergoing testing. My insurance sent me to another pain doctor, so I had to say goodbye to PPM and all they'd done for me since I couldn't afford them anymore. Yes, well... the doctor I was referred to turned out to be overall disorganized and a doctor who thought I was drug-seeking, so after being shamed and scolded out of my appointment with him, I went straight back to PPM and am happy to suck up the monthly visit price because frankly it's worth their kindness, their support, their dedication, and their quality of care.

All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PPM and especially Mr. Davis because of the extra mile they go through for their patients as well as the faith they extend that so few pain doctors seem to do anymore. As long as you (naturally) cooperate as well as be honest and straight-forward with them, you should be able to find the pain solutions you need. I'm not a fan of whatever happened to the drug control laws that made pain doctors become totally paranoid, but PPM genuinely wants to help and will do their best to help you.

I would be crying and clawing at the walls in pure agony right this second if not for PPM, their understanding, and their effective treatment. I don't know how I can repay them for it except to hopefully sway someone in pain to read this and give them a chance.

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